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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No Excuses

I haven't blogged in bloomin ages - the reason? a little social interaction site i like to call facef*ck (ie that is more addictive than crack on crisps
so if you want to read about my random vents and mumblings -i'm so sorry - you're just gonna have to join that

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's not everyday someone writes a poem about you...

...but i wish it was.
I'll miss you Lisa! x

Monday, March 19, 2007

You Really Should Enjoy The View

No low emotions rolling tonight
Young heavy hopefuls staying the night
So stick around and wait for the day.
Craziness kills lazyness N happiness
Takes bad bets no one gives a fuck U see we're all out of our little heads.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Really Vietnam

It was perhaps a bit of bad planning on my part to have vietnam at the end of our trip-after the crystal-sea-great-shopping-cheap-posh-hotels-great-food of Thailand, to land somewhere as propher Asia as Vietnam was a bit of a shock to the system.
Crossing the road was an extreme sport, there seemed to be more motorbikes then people, food was being prepared on the floor everywhere, it was a bit overwelming. The stay was made a lot more interesting by Dave's aunt taking us 6 hours out of Ho Chi Minh City to where she lives-here we saw a propher viet community complete with snake for lunch in the alley behind the family buisness

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Onto the Calmness of Chaing Mai

...After Bangkok Chaing Mai was like cold water on burns- quiet, peaceful and natural. I went on the recommendation of Ellen and Loz (thanks guys!) and didn't regret it, the city which is built around old castle walls-there's something eternally comforting about having a square to navigate around when you're on holiday and doing the "which way on the map" dance everyday. I am quite possibly the worse person in the world at this (thanks for your patience, 2nd worse person in the world at it dave ;))

The countryside really reminded me of Japan. natsukashii ne...

The elephant trekking was-uh-interesting. I'm not sure if we chose the wrong tour or what but the chains and the way they were treated really disturbed me. I've heard good things about the conservation park. Go there. Seriously. It was an unforgettable experience though. not entirely for good reasons though unfortunately. apparently i was breathing like a 20 a day smoker on the elephant. I'm not that brave when it comes to big animals.

God the food was good. And one of my favourite parts was cooking school. A hilarious camp Thai man showed us how to make a mean thai curry from scratch as well as other delicious things. I heart spicy things on sticks for 10baht.

...Its hard to believe that this was once all ingredients

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bonkers on Bangkok

...I'd heard that Bangkok was several things-dirty, crowded, sleazy, exciting, fun, polluted, extreme- and it definitely lived up to each and every one of those things.
Somewhere between rip off ping pong shows (about as erotic as a polystyrene) being hassled to buy "sexy movieees" having bird feed thrown on me and demanded to pay for it, seeing the 12th gold temple of the day and almost getting whiplash from a tuk tuk I began to understand that Bangkok teams with life-its never ever quiet, its never ever clean, its never ever calm and its never ever boring. Everywhere you go the sights, smells and sounds are an assault on your senses, which can be exhausting but is ultimately invigorating.

Interlude Back to Sydney...

...where I experienced the spangly adrenaline fuelled liberation fest that is Mardi Gras-the streets were buzzing with greased up scantily clad boys and girls on a rampage in the name of queerdom...go for the dykes on bikes, stay for the party afterwards

in the words of michel scott "its called mardi gras, not gay shame festival!"

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Story of the week

my mate emma and her boyfriend lewis were having a pie in a sydney pie shop at about 4am on friday night pissed up. lewis was being cheeky so emma jokingly shoved his hand which was holding a pie into his face-unfortunately the boiling pie filling exploded onto his face leaving him rather unhappy at the time although i hope he saw the funny side as apparently on saturday morning he had burn marks on his face-certainly makes a good story "how did you get those burns?" "ah my girlfreind shoved a pie into my face" Gold